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Człowiek 2.0 - Radio TOK FM
W każdą sobotę o godz. 20:00 w radiu TOK FM nadawana jest audycja Człowiek 2.0  prowadzona przez Jana Stradowskiego - szefa działu nauki FOCUSA. W najbliższą sobotę, 12 października audycja będzie poświęcona problemom poruszanym w Zakazanej psychologii. W dyskusji poza redaktorem prowadzącym i autorem książki weźmie udział jej wydawca - Piotr Szwajcer. Serdecznie zapraszam do radioodbiorników.
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2014/12/21 13:17:20
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ucszhvvq nimztneu
2014/06/29 14:20:21
* DEathrOWjuliEtOctober 9, 2011 i don't know about best treatment but i can dcisrebe what i know that has helped me very much (although I was diagnosed with bipolar, depression, and anxiety). but, i know that the treatment I used can be applied to borderline personality disorder. I saw a therapist. took me a long time before i found one i felt comfortable with. he really helped. i had at the same time a psychiatrist since i took anti-depressants. again, it took me a long time before finding the right doctor and then the right anti-depressant. I also did many EMDR sessions which were very helpful to me. EMDR is a rather new technique. There are other neurological techniques available that you can check online.Regarding EMDR and other neurobiological techniques: There are pros and cons with any of these techniques. My opinion is solely based on my own experience. I do not pretend to speak for anyone else and am aware that these same techniques do not work for everybody.
2014/05/30 13:19:59
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