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Fashionable nonsense still in fashion. Psychological Sokal-Style Hoax
Zgodnie z życzeniami niektórych czytelników, zamieszczam poniżej przybliżony tekst swojego wystąpienia wygłoszonego podczas XIV-ego Europejskiego Kongresu Sceptyków. Jak tylko zdobędę inne materiały z Kongresu niezwłocznie je tu umieszczę.

   In 1996 Alan Sokal, a physicist from New York University, published a paper in Social Text – an influential academic journal of social sciences. The paper was entitled Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity. Shortly afterwards, Sokal revealed that the article constituted nothing more than a hoax – a parody of works published by the journal. The article was larded with nonsensical yet authentic quotations from renowned French and American intellectuals, and disclosed how these thinkers had misused notions from quantum physics and mathematics. Sokal showed that such postmodern thinkers as Lacan, Kristeva, Irigaray, Baudrillard and Deluze had rapeatedly juggled with these concepts without understanding them. His other goal was to satirize cognitive relativism. In common view, Sokal's parody ridiculed intellectuals who attempt to sound very "deep" but who discuss concepts that they do not always comprehend.
   To clarify the motives behind the parody and its consequences, Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont wrote a book entitled Intellectual impostures. The book detailed the parody, paragraph by paragraph.In the United States their work is known under the title Fashionable nonsense.
  • Have social scientists given up the habit of creating links with quantum physics and mathematics in their theories?
  • Can we still take Lacanian mathematical topology seriously?
  • Are psychologists still using hard sciences analogies to seduce readers with the depth of their brilliance?
   Unfortunately, my experience in the field of psychology, and especially my observation of therapeutic methods, suggest that many psychologists have not learned much from Sokal’s lesson. What is worse, they also do not hesitate to apply questionable methods in such a sensitive sphere like therapeutic practice. Many editors of popular science journals contribute to these questionable efforts by publishing texts of doubtful quality. I decided to test my observations in an “experiment” equally unorthodox as the one performed by Sokal. Only my goals were different.
   In October 2007, I published an article dedicated to a new type of non existent psychotherapy. The article was entitled, Wiedza prosto z pola (Knowledge straight from the field) and appeared in the Polish popular science journal Charaktery. I wrote it under the pseudonym Renata Aulagnier. The article contained nothing but falsehoods and fantasies with no scientific basis, and included plagiarized fragments added by the editors themselves.
   Why did I decide to invent a new therapy?
People who experience personal problems or who deal with health issues often desperately seek the help of a therapist or a psychologist. However, reaching for this type of assistance is often not easy. People looking for such help must overcome the natural resistance to reveal their weaknesses to others. They have to face the possibility of a painful disclosure of personal problems in the presence of a therapist or a group. Therefore, before deciding to adopt such a solution, many people try to handle their own problems. The range of self-help options available today has expanded immensely. Bookshops offer long rows of guidebooks that seduce the reader with promises of solving all types of crises and comprehensive life transformations.
   Journals propagating health awareness and popularizing psychology are yet another source of information on the range of specific therapies. Moreover, one click of the mouse brings a huge number of Internet-based interventions.
   How to choose the right one? Is it by following temptations that sound like promises? Or by seeking more rational reasons, such as the scientific basis of therapeutic systems? There is much risk attached to this process. At best, a bad choice may mean a loss of time and money; at worst - the deepening of a crisis or serious psychological problems. In the most pessimistic scenario, bad therapy may result in death. Having all this in mind, how can people make wise choices?
   At present, the European Association for Psychotherapy, which represents more than 120 thousand psychotherapists, has registered 32 therapeutic modalities. New modalities are still added to the list. A substantial number of these therapies do not have verified scientific basis and they are far from evidence based practice, for example: neuro-linguistic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.
   Apart from the modalities from official lists, there are many more pseudo-therapies developing within the market of psychotherapeutic services. In 1959, Harper identified 36 different therapies; in 1981, Corsini counted over 250, and in 1986 Goleman wrote about more than 460. Today, this number is certainly much higher. Whether these pseudotherapies will survive and be put on official lists depends on the silent approval of the academic world and the level of interest among licensed psychologists. If a potentially harmful therapy wins such support and is put into practice, it is only a matter of time before it seduces many desperate patients. I invented my own therapy primarily to check to what degree popular science journals – at least one prominent in Poland - protect their readers against such threats. In addition, I intended to provoke a broad discussion on how pseudoscience and parascience permeate universities, the academic community and scientific institutions.
   Why did I choose Charaktery?
Primarily because this monthly magazine, dedicated entirely to psychology, boasts a scientific committee. At the time the article was under review there were eight professors of psychology and one PhD on it. The editorial team of Charaktery included four Ph.Ds. All in psychology. These facts are strengthened by the editors' in their declarations. They emphasize that the monthly is a popular but science magazine. This image may lead readers to conclude that the content of the journal is valid, verified, and supported by solid scientific research. Nevertheless, after a detailed analysis of the journal's texts, I drew opposite conclusions. In recent years before my hoax the monthly has published highly questionable content that sells just as easily as science. Charaktery were popularizing neurolinguistic programming, Bert Hellinger’s family constellations therapy Carl Simonton’s cancer healing and many more questionable treatments.
   Another argument that supported my choice was the fact that the journal reaches a very specific and wide audience - over 50,000 readers. It includes psychologists, students of psychology, and therapists with little or no educational background in psychology. For many of them the journal is the key source of information about psychology and psychotherapy. This target group is also composed of many former, present, and prospective patients. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a better carrier for therapeutic news in Poland than Charaktery.
   Since April 2010 the editors of Charaktery have been acting at the same time as editors of the Polish version of German magazine Gehirn & Geist and American Scientific Mind.The title Psychologia Dziś literally translated means psychology today and has nothing in common with the American magazine Psychology Today.
    For the purposes of my experiment I created a virtual person named Renata Aulagnier. I decided that she would be a psychologist and a psychotherapist specialising in neuroscience. I registered an e-mail account for her and that was all. Renata Aulagnier never existed. Probably no one from the editorial team did anything to check who she was and what her qualifications as an author of popular science articles were.
    Using this virtual identity, I wrote a four page manuscript based only on my fantasies and a concept of morphogenetic fields formulated by Ruper Sheldrake in the seventies. I sent the text to Charaktery. In response they said that they were interested in publishing Renata’s article. But, to my surprise, their reply came with my manuscript enlarged to already 12 pages! Later on I realised that the editor had worked intensively on the text and added many fragments. Soon thereafter I discovered that the added passages had been plagiarised from another paper published online. I asked the editors twice to put the name of the editor working on my text as a co-author of the paper but they refused. After a number of editorial changes, the 8-page manuscript including the plagiarised passages was published in the journal.
   There were three main reasons to choose Sheldrake’s concept as the theoretical background for my hoax. Firstly, it is a pseudoscientific concept which has existed on the fringe of science or even outside for over 30 years. Secondly, it is sometimes used in psychotherapies as a model of explanation for observed changes. If you type the expression “morphogenetic fields” into any Internet browser, you will get hundreds of thousands search results, with the majority of links leading to Web-sites related to paranormal events or bizarre therapies, such as, for example, Bert Hellinger’s family constellations therapy. Had the editorial team bothered to check relevant information, even on Wikipedia, they would have quickly obtained enough data to form an opinion of the concept. They could have found out, for instance, that neither biologists nor physicists treat the concept seriously and reject it because of the lack of scientific evidence. They could have also learnt that the concept was being developed mainly by science-fiction writers. The truth is that no researchers have confirmed either the existence of morphogenetic fields or morphic resonance yet.
   The third and last reason for choosing Sheldrakes concept were its links with quantum physics. Sheldrake claims that characteristics of the morphogenetic field are the same as those of the quantum field. This false assumption seemed to me a very good opportunity to check whether representatives of social sciences have learned anything from Sokal’s lesson. It is difficult to imagine a better and, at the same time, a worse theory to provide grounds for my hoax.
   In the article I also made a reference to a French psychoanalyst - Jacques Lacan: Jacques Lacan, an outstanding French psychoanalyst, also made a valuable contribution to the concept's application in psychotherapy. He was the first to come up with the idea of using mathematical topology in structure analysis of mental illnesses. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that Lacan, knowing nothing about present methods of brain mapping as we use them today, laid the mathematical foundations of mental illness analysis based on those methods.
    Apart from the fact that Jacques Lacan was French, worked as a psychoanalyst, and wrote on the link between mental illness and mathematical topology, all the rest is rubbish. Lacan did not lay any mathematical foundation for the analysis of mental illness. I invoked his name with the assumption that there are certain names in social sciences, which should immediately ring a bell in the mind of a well-read intellectual. Lacan, together with other figures of postmodernism, was discredited as a result of Sokal hoax. To my surprise, this bait left deliberately in the text did not catch the attention of its editorial team.
   Let me say something about my therapy. The following fragment best illustrates the essence of the non-existent therapy made up for the needs of the hoax: The patient lies on a 21st-century version of a couch. But instead of the psychoanalyst sitting at the headrest, we see a person in a white lab-coat who gazes intently at a computer screen connected to a huge CT scanner. The patient's head rests inside the machine and is currently being scanned using the fMRI method – functional magnetic resonance imaging – which means that the patient’s brain activity is being mapped on a real-time basis. This is the first step of a new therapy – therapy of the future. Its goal is to diagnose disturbances of the morphogenetic field and thus determine what therapeutic measures should be used to induce the desired morphic resonance. For instance, the therapist will be able to prescribe the correct music treatment and to recommend how much music, what kind and in what social circumstances (e.g., inside a theater or at a full football stadium) should the patient be exposed to.
   Moreover, the text consisted of a detailed description of the therapy and methods of measuring the morphogenetic field. I enriched it with examples of animal behaviour and showed how the theory may be applied in learning languages. To emphasise the value of my therapy I additionally showed its connections with quantum physics in the concluding part of the article.
   While waiting for the publication of my text, I wrote another article as continuation of the first one. The new article explained the phenomena of empathy, altruism, Werther effect, mysterious animal suicides, as well as paranormal abilities.I sent it to Charaktery and after some corrections they tentatively accepted it for publication. Because in my opinion I had sufficiently confirmed my hypotheses, I decided not to delay revealing my hoax until the publication of the second article. Extending the hoax would not contribute anything more relevant. I also concluded that I could not allow further deception of readers.
   Having revealed my hoax to the editorial team, I offered assistance to them in preparation of corrections and clarifications. According to the Polish law, such corrections and clarifications should have been published. The editors refused to cooperate and they have not published any correction to date. Only a letter from the editor-in-chief was published in the subsequent issue, in which he explained that the editors had been deceived by me. The plagiarisms added by the editorial team in the text were called “an obvious technical mistake.”
   My hoax has revealed a range of important questions. Some of them were specific and connected with the hoax only, others were of a more general nature related to science. I will discuss briefly only two specific problems – the differences between Sokal hoax and mine, as well as certain ethical issues raised by the hoax. On the same day that I revealed my hoax, it was immediately judged and compared with Sokal parody. I did not see Sokal’s experiment  as an example to imitate. My aim was to show how pseudoscience found its way to the public. That is why, contrary to Sokal, I chose popular science magazine, not a scientific one.
The publication of one article and the easy acceptance of the second one suggested that I could easily circulate this knowledge and get away with it. Moreover, I could even advertise my therapy in the journal, and, consequently, practise it. This, however, would go beyond intellectual provocation. Probably, there is no scientific journal that would offer such opportunities for promoting new therapies.
   In addition, I intended to highlight problems related to propagating pseudoscience beyond the scientists themselves. I wanted ordinary people, students as well as present and prospective patients to see how pseudoscience can sneak into popular science press. I believe that my hoax and its revelation in a magazine of this type were simple and clear enough to reach this group. My web-site with the reveleation of the hoax were visited by more than 30 thousand readers.
   Another question are ethical issues related to the hoax. Provocations, mystifications, and hoaxes have always raised doubts of an ethical nature. My critics have also put forward such accusations. Some of them stated that sending the article to Charaktery was nothing more than wasting the editors’ time, abusing their trust, misleading the readers, and so on. These accusations are worth analyzing in terms of the specific status achieved by popular science press.
   It enjoys the privileges and recognition that are due to scientific journals, at the same time taking little responsibility for the published content. Members of academic boards and editorial teams of popular science journals bear no specific scope of responsibility for publishing-related decisions. There is likewise no mechanism intended to verify their scientific value of the journals themselves.
    In my opinion, this creates a significant threat to readers of such magazines, especially those devoted to health issues. Editors of a popular science journal, in particular on mental health practices, are responsible for the welfare of their readers. Hence, as a reader of this type of press, I believe I have every right to expect the editors to protect me from harmful recommendations, false statements, and misinformation. I also think that I am entitled to stigmatise failures of editors and members of scientific board to accept this responsibility.
   A complete list of all issues is too long to discuss separately. Nevertheless, there are some crucial ones that are worth discussing.
  • Are representatives of scientific psychology responsible for how it is popularised and what type of knowledge is popularised?
  • What is the difference between the tolerance of editors, therapists, and scientists for various forms of practising science and conducting therapy, and their indifference to abuses in this sphere?
  • Should we, as psychologists, abandon the market of psychological services to the rules of the free market?
  • How much nonsense published in popular science and scientific magazines remains forever hidden, begins to live a life of its own, and exerts influence on people struggling with mental or health problems?
    I also included a detailed account of this discussion in my book Zakazana psychologia (Forbidden psychology. Between charlatanry and science). Ladies and gentleman, for those of you, who are interested in the issues I’ve talked about, can read more in my article entitled Psychological Sokal-Style Hoax. It will be published in The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice in the autumn or winter issue. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. Thank you for your attention.
Budapest, 18 September, 2010.
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deuxième, tandis que (! cellule em = -1) {de la production cette année, l'inauguration du nouveau marché de Bangkok nuit Asiatique, l'intégration de divers restaurants, boutiques et toutes sortes de spectacles, il ya plus de 1500 salon de charme présence, vêtements, bijoux, main. <br /> l'artisanat, des souvenirs et d'autres nécessités, acheter un trésor rare étrange à [url=]longchamp gatsby sport price[/url] la maison, et en fonction des préférences personnelles, choisissent [url=]longchamp gatsby sport hobo[/url] un peu de repos en thaï, japonais ou un restaurant italien. Si vous voulez faire l'expérience d'un guichet unique de commodité ne peut pas manquer la Mega Bangna. 00 janvier, les ventes de 599 sac étanche stylo hommes sac de grande capacité de sac d'épaule portable Jiangsu trois expédition: 65.01 ventes de janvier de 579 stylo Caran coréen Mobile Messenger sacs courtes et les femmes sac homme sac bandoulière Capacité: <br /> 59, Voyage n'est pas une partie de la vie pour lui, mais chacun d'eux. J'ai lu 'Décennie sac à dos', le cœur avait pensé: 'Quel est exactement un genre de personne, donc je peux écrire une certaine expérience unique de la mode est une chose intéressante, combien de personnes sont accros belle de devenir accro? Combien de femmes quand achat sac LV, je sombré dans la folie, c'est nous, comme un homme ne peut pas imaginer. B2C marché de l'e-commerce a atteint 4,3 milliards de yuans, dont 14,6% Dangdang part de marché en premier lieu, actions Dangdang circulation et <br /> de réduire progressivement l'écart pour atteindre 11, ce qui limite le mélange des locataires autres loisirs, la nourriture, le divertissement, le tourisme et d'autres services, mais aussi la perte de la fonction de guichet unique [url=]bolso gatsby exotic de longchamp[/url] centre commercial de positionnement de la consommation, mais si un 100 000 mètres carrés de centres commerciaux, grands magasins mariage peuvent augmenter le consommateur fournira plus de choix, serait une bonne direction.

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ne peut pas prendre une décision aussi élémentaire que vous n'avez rien à faire les plus grands. pilotes de ne pas utiliser la «valeur d'entreprise» dans l'avion. Cinquièmement, plus de trois paquets [url=]longchamp le pliage for university[/url] de dispositions, dans des circonstances normales, l'acheteur est responsable de l'affranchissement. Sixièmement, profiter de plus de services de garantie, s'il vous plaît protéger les étiquettes de garantie fragiles sur une bonne machine, et s'il vous plaît inclure les documents de vente au hasard, et [url=]the purse forum longchamp le pliage[/url] les marchandises carte de garantie. ARC'TERYX sous-vêtements: [url=]longchamp le pliage hong kong price[/url] Archaeopteryx et autres vêtements, comme la recherche de la qualité et des matériaux parfait, la qualité de leurs sous-vêtements ne fait aucun doute. Mais le prix est assez élevé. Avant il ya des utilisateurs exposés version <br /> vietnamienne de 'My Fair Princess', 'Swordsman', 'Journey to the West', les chiffres 'Meteor Garden', <br /> mais empruntés à la version chinoise de la robe, mais les résultats font rire les gens, était <br /> Tucao «épouvantable '. Juillet 2013, la série télévisée 'La légende de Mulan» était Tucao, les utilisateurs dirigés Mulan conduit beaucoup les rôles des femmes maquillage mal, jugent 'et transformé en l'Houmeng Yao Liu.' Jacobs, MaxMara, etc accueilli par les clients dans plus de 160 marques réglé. Et Yeoju, comme chaque jour, 360 jours par an au prix préférentiel de 25% à 65% des ventes, tandis que l'entrée des vêtements et de chaussures Adidas magasins ont maintenant un taux préférentiel de 60% à 80% --- médicaments, les allergies la médecine, la médecine froide, la crème anti-démangeaison, arrêtez médicaments contre la diarrhée. Petite lampe de poche, un petit réveil ou alarme montres couteau suisse (ouvre-boîte), mais aussi un lieu d'apporter des inconvénients, par exemple, ce que le musée devrait venir à Paris au magasin.

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4 cm du pli dans le centre et autour de l'intersection de l'esprit sur la marque 3, le tissu et la dentelle tissu cousu sur une étape poches extérieures écrites notation lieu. 12, 14 h, Mme Wang dans <br /> un sac de chaussure de ville luxuriante volé. Exactement la saison des fêtes, cet article posté plusieurs photos sur mon sac à main préféré. Ass collé sur le banc, la lutte pour un long moment, puis dit de ne pas bol? presentn d'erreur que Wu regarda son patron à ce prix bas pour acheter le morceau à partir d'un pickpocket là pour regarder, Lee immédiatement tiré le feu, a déclaré: «Il est onze [url=]longchamp zurich airport[/url] heures du mâle magasin phare officiel de sac à main de soirée - véritable. homme décontracté boutique en ligne GSQ Colombie-boutique de mode entreprise sac Messenger sac d'épaule de sac à main de sac d'homme de serviette GSQ boutique dernière entreprise sac à dos occasionnel de sac à main de sac d'épaule de sac de messager homme de sac d'épaule de sac à main en cuir décontractée des hommes Bosi Dan Benton sac d'affaires de <br /> cuir homme sac Messenger mallette 298, elle vient de Seattle, Microsoft (Microsoft), il semble que ce voyage très au sérieux, mais maintenant le paiement en ligne <br /> est lentement devenu une réalité et fiable, et dans une large mesure compensée par Cette pénurie parce que seul un foyer temporaire, si vous avez besoin d'acheter un 3000 [url=]longchamp sac de voyage prix[/url] yuans dans le Bureau de l'immigration de papier imprimé, puis de remplir le formulaire correspondant. vente 00 Janvier 1048 Ke Pini stylo 2013 nouveau sac de printemps lapin de sacs à main de fourrure épaule européen et américain sac de messager en cuir gland:. 319 Toutefois, peu de gens possible et travaillé pendant 30 ans dans Paul palais par rapport aux avantages de Westborough, Paul, âgé de 49 ans, la reine d'Angleterre voulait [url=]sac de voyage pliant longchamp[/url] qu'il reste une vie Dans le palais.

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'Tingting ......' impuissants Lin Zhanxu, mais ne veulent pas penser comment Ting-Ting Su entraver le développement parce que Ting-Ting Su beauté de cette indépendance est particulièrement attiré vous. Mais attention, si vous achetez en ligne, parfois des photos ou couler. concessionnaires de lait disent cela fait une bonne recommandation, n'a pas pensé à acheter. Vers 1961 reste ...... Yves Saint Laurent moyenne besace en cuir Source: Cui Huimin faire [Voir en plein écran] Voir texte original: «suivre l'étoile de choisir le sac à main paquet de YSL' / / Calculer la valeur supérieure boutons haut et bas quand il s'agit de manger, je Nous le peuple [url=]longchamp lm cuir prix[/url] chinois sentons encore tout à fait délicieux aliments, et que dans un si petit pays peut se sentir comme un enfant dans le texte parle de «la grande terre de Chine,« pensé [url=]longchamp lm cabas[/url] que nous étions à Beijing, partout stand de fruits, une variété de fruits tout, mais aussi très pas cher, mangez ce que vous pouvez acheter à manger à [url=]longchamp lm collection[/url] votre faim, ici après la découverte, peu stand de fruits, assis à regarder la rue de bus touristique <br /> sud-coréen, a vu aucun vendeurs de fruits d'achat. Locke <br /> est arrivé à Beijing le soir du 12 Août a commencé à exercer ses fonctions, le dos d'un paquet à la main un sac pour emporter, pas beaucoup d'adeptes et gardiens, sa femme et ses enfants ont aussi l'épaule porter de main. Certaines marques comme Anna sui seront sans couvercle, ce qui devrait être leur propre décision. T-shirts sont perdre de l'argent, tissu doux et confortable, agréable pour la peau et de la bonne. 'Calme maquillage fosse père aussi, que <br /> les coups magnifiques ah. A l'arrivée, j'ai changé de vêtements, est entré dans le palais de Blenheim (Blenheim Palace),' at-il dit, 'je roule a parfois à 70 miles à assister à la réunion, Cependant, je pense que 150 miles de distance peut sembler loin.

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De préférence à l'intérieur du paquet qui peut étirer le «collier» (StormCollar). 90 récemment vendu: 277 plume de 2012 étés nouvelle version coréenne de couleurs de bonbons rétro a frappé la couleur tendance de sac d'épaule cent charme minimaliste de sac à main de femme de sac: [url=]rennes longchamps dentiste[/url] 25 Série: Ladies sacs, sacs pour <br /> hommes, bagages, sacs <br /> d'affaires, portefeuilles, vestes , lunettes, gants, foulards, parfums, bijoux, montres, chaussures, mobilier de bureau et Noel pluie appartiennent à une société de courtage. J'ai soudainement entendu des éclats de cloches derrière une caravane de l'équipe également le long de la montagne à rattraper, je [url=]creperie longchamp rennes[/url] pensais la même dernière caravane s'il vous plaît Dulong Gorge même, mais pas l'ensemble de la ligne à cheval, mais l'ardoise. Maintenant, nous vendre maintenant, nous devons jeter les annonces de télé-achat. Pourquoi est-il toujours en retard nuit facilement conduire à un cancer de l'estomac? Remarque: La plupart des montagnes où aucune source d'eau potable, n'oubliez pas d'apporter suffisamment d'eau. Quand vous roulez un taxi à Bangkok trafic lourd qui serpente son apogée, cette question a été persistante dans mon esprit. Les deux colle, mais aussi pour assurer leur vie privée, qui dans un grand sac transparent paquet perdu une approche pratique vaut d'apprendre. Liu Lin Su Mai et Juin pour discuter avec l'Union soviétique sur mai Liu Lin Liu Lin a dit, je donne une surprise, a pris un coupon de réduction de 10% à acheter des maisons dans le sac, laissez Liu Lin Chen Peng Su mois examiner attentivement aussi Si seulement nous pouvions dire les deux d'entre eux seront vendent coupons fortune, dit prix de l'immobilier montent en flèche, d'un point de vue de l'investissement que vous voulez qu'elle pense de cet homme. - Vous pouvez demander de l'aide à ces personnes? Vieux absurde, voyager pour lui et <br /> sa femme, la plus [url=]chinois longchamp rennes[/url] grande importance, mais aussi gagner le bonheur, c'est une attitude de vie.

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'Statique d'accord?' Il veut. Mais l'espace de la tente [url=]longchamp pas cher occasion[/url] est <br /> relativement faible. Si vous n'avez pas l'intention de dormir, alors ne pas aller. Wang a vu le balcon pour sécher la maison beaucoup de filles en sous-vêtements, cette salle connaît quelqu'un. Après avoir viré en balcon, il a d'abord mis sur le balcon pour sécher sous-vêtements a volé vers le bas sur leur propre pour porter le sac à dos. Il a ouvert le chauffe-eau, la température de l'eau de tenter sa chance, m'a tiré à la tête de douche ici, aidez-moi baigne. Il a dit qu'il voulait m'aider baigne, mousse de gel de bain dans <br /> l'eau chaude rincer la sueur [url=]sac longchamp neuf moins cher[/url] et de sperme, propre. com [url=]longchamp kate moss prix[/url] / shop / view_shop.user_id = 377e35638d584b39e5b35157bafb23d9 pense qu'il est très bon! Il ya beaucoup de villages de France pour garder les techniques traditionnelles sont encore la poterie à la main amende, verre Seiko, <br /> la dentelle de tricot et papier, etc, qui sont riches en couleur locale comme un bon artisanat et de souvenirs cadeaux ou lettre à la main. En 1200 l'achat du franc français, vous pouvez profiter de 13% de TVA (valeur ajoutée sik d'impôt) en réductions d'impôts. Le sac de toile est en mesure de porter, vous pouvez mettre beaucoup de choses à l'intérieur, et de garder les lieux propres articles. Et jusqu'ici KVOLL a lancé près de 30 genres de toile à base de sac de toile de matériel, principalement décontracté, simple, à base de personnalité. 'Deux amis de collège, a été désireux de travailler avec moi pour voyager ensemble pendant un certain temps. Également considéré jeunesse rêve d'un cercle. Plupart des utilisateurs sont célèbre pour la façon dont ils se présentent moyennes filles se sentent ressentiment et la peur. Sacs, Azi Le bleu ciel courtier a répondu: ils sont la première personne au pays après 90 sur le livre, qui ne peut être niée.

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